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A home, a village, la plage, a glass of wine, la musique, many women, les années 30, a story
El hotel

La Bionda is a great 8 room boutique hotel located in the centre of Begur for travellers seeking something special, unusual and inspiring.
The 17th century building has been restored down to the last detail by Quintana Partners Studio.

The house has been renovated preserving the original architecture and focusing on sustainability to ensure minimal impact on the environment.

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The design of the house tells the story of a woman who, in the 1930s, housed influential women of the time in this home.
Intellectuals, writers, actresses, singers, artists, sportswomen, women from all over the world who held a prominent position in the early 20th century.

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Carla Lloveras

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The house, a place to unwind in. On the ground floor, a large lounge, a small club where you can have a cocktail or a good wine, and an outdoor courtyard with a greenhouse for breakfast at a large common table.

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La Bionda is a hotel located in the historic centre of Begur, surrounded by good restaurants, shops and all kinds of cultural and leisure activities.

Begur has 8 coves and beaches which are just a 5 to10-minute drive.

The town
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